4-in-1 Tempering Valves

4-in-1 Tempering Valves

The 4-in-1 is a pre-built tempering valve assembly with integrated inlet fittings that allow for quick installation and simplified valve maintenance for an entire house, building, or system.

  • Genuine SharkBite® connections
  • Valve and fittings are supplied fully assembled
  • 4-in-1 inlet fittings incorporate a ball valve, strainer, non-return valve and test port
  • Strainers protect valve from impurities in the water supply
  • Non-return check valves eliminate backflow contamination
  • Inline isolation valves provide for simpler installation and maintenance
  • Tamper proof adjustment – special key eliminates chances of accidental adjustment
  • Dezincification resistant
  • Meets Australian Standard for potable water supply
  • Individually tested and calibrated to ensure high quality and performance


16mm – Downwards


20mm – Downwards


16mm – Upwards


20mm – Upwards

AS 4032.2
WMKA 1593


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