SharkBite® PEX Pipe is a cross-linked polyethylene tubing that’s an excellent option for use in both hot and cold water plumbing systems in both residential and commercial plumbing applications. When combined with our Push-To-Connect fittings, manifolds, valves and other supplies, PEX-b Pipe offers the fastest way to plumb any project.

PEX Pipe – Potable Water (Mustard)20200821044822
PEX Pipe – Hot Water (Red)20200821050101
PEX Pipe – Recycled Water (Purple)20200821050616
PEX Pipe – Rainwater (Green)20200821051158
100m Coiled Mustard Pipe20200821051707
PEX Pipe – Pre-fitted with Conduit For In-Slab Installation20200821052123
Pre-Insulated PEX Pipe20200821052624

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