Tempering Valves with PEX Connections

Tempering Valves with PEX Connections

This tempering valve mixes hot water with cold water to deliver tempered water at a constant temperature throughout an entire house, building or system.

  • SharkBite® inlet connection fittings (MIXSB16 also features SharkBite® outlet connection fittings)
  • Ease of installation
  • Polyurethane insulation (MIXF11012I, MIXF11116I and MIXF11117I)
  • Limit energy loss and help protect against freezing – meets Australian Standard
  • Strainers and check valves
  • Strainers protect valve from impurities in the water supply; check valves eliminate backflow contamination
  • Tamper-proof adjustment
  • Dezincification resistant
  • Meets Australian Standard for potable water supply
  • Individually tested and calibrated – every valve is tested to ensure higher quality performance
Tempering Valves


Tempering Valve

Ultra Solar Tempering Valves


Ultra Solar Tempering Valve
16mm – insulated

* Also includes SharkBite outlet connection

AS 4032.2
WMKA 1593


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