The SharkBite® Push-To-Connect Solution is a quick and reliable method of transitioning between Copper Tube and PEX Pipe in any combination.

DR Ball Valves with Copper Connections20200821040914
DR Ball Valves with Copper Connections / Female20200821041353
DR Ball Valves with Copper Connections / Male20200821041703
Flare Compression Adaptors20200821040023
Hot Water Elbows20200821033455
No. 01 Straight Couplings20200821011817
No. 01R Reducing Couplings20200821012400
No. 02 Straight Connectors20200821015945
No. 03 Straight Connectors20200821020413
No. 12 Elbows20200821024153
No. 15BP Elbows20200821024700
No. 19BP Elbows20200821025208
No. 24 Tees20200821033934
No. 25 Unequal Tees20200821034433
No. 27 Unequal Tees20200821034901
No. 61 Stop Ends20200821035342
Slip Couplings20200821015326

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