SharkBite® Push-To-Connect PEX Fittings are the most time effective plumbing system available on the market.

Capillary / PEX Braising Tails20200819221025
Copper / PEX Braising Tails20200819215656
DR Ball Valves with PEX Connections20200821003249
DR Ball Valves with PEX Connections / Female20200821003720
F1 Reducing Couplings20200820043509
F1 Straight Couplings20200820043511
F12 Elbows20200820043348
F13 Elbows20200820043245
F14 Elbows20200820043148
F15BP Elbows20200820043142
F19BP Elbows20200820043138
F2 Straight Connectors20200820043445
F24 Equal Tees20200820042930
F25 Unequal Tees20200820041653
F26 Unequal Tees20200820051155
F27 Unequal Tees20200820051828
F3 Straight Connectors20200820043433
F61 Stop Ends20200820052442
F62 Straight Tap Connectors20200820053313
F63 Bent Tap Connectors20200820053924
PEX Flare Compression Adaptors20200820221644
Recessed Assemblies – Lugged20200820223242
Shower Assemblies – Lugged (without Riser)20200820224535
Top-Plated Male Elbows20200820043124
Tube End / PEX Tail Adaptors20200820222232

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