RMC & SharkBite Tempering Valves

As pioneers in water control valves, we put water safety at the heart of everything we do. Our track record of innovation and quality has maintained our global leadership, which provides architects, product specifiers, contractors and installers with unrivalled quality and choice.

With our continued focus on making lives easier and safeguarding end-users, we offer a wide range of Tempering valve’s that are suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial hot water applications.

Why do we need Tempering valves?

Hot water systems are a critical element of building design and can cause serious injuries and ailments if not installed and managed correctly. Water-borne diseases and the risk of scalding are two serious causes for concern associated with the installation and maintenance of these systems.

It’s crucial to protect our water supplies from the bacteria that spreads the disease. To do this, hot water needs to be stored at a constant high temperature of above 70˚C, but this temperature is hot enough to cause scalding. Therefore, it’s vital to control water outlet temperature to protect end-users.

Tempering valve’s play a key role in effectively controlling the risk of scalding water, as they allow the water system to run at a high disinfection temperature and mix the hot and cold water at the point of use to achieve a safer operating temperature.

How do Tempering Valves protect you and your family? 

Tempering valves can be fitted to the hot water unit of the home, the mixing of water is automatically controlled by an internal thermostat that allows the connected hot and cold-water supply to blend to a set outlet temperature.

All tempering valves offered by RWC are designed to maintain the temperature predetermined by installers, offering safe water temperature for users.

Tempering valves are a simple solution to ensure greater water safety, reducing the risk of scalding and preventing water-borne diseases. RMC have an extensive range of Tempering valves including the Heatguard SharkBite product that includes SharkBite inlet and outlet fittings to make installation easier and more efficient.

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