See What’s Inside a SharkBite Fitting

Just as a delicious steak is only as good as the quality of the beef and the technique used to cook it, a push-to-connect fitting is only as good as its parts and materials used to make it. Because of this, SharkBite’s product development team works tirelessly to ensure our fittings are made to last.

What makes a SharkBite fitting so secure? And why is it superior to other push-to-connect systems? It all comes down to what’s inside.

Peek inside a SharkBite fitting to see the result of more than two decades of innovative plumbing technology.

SharkBite Fitting Parts

If you took apart a SharkBite fitting, you’d find plumbing parts that help make a 3-second connection long-lasting.

Release Collar
Once the pipe is inserted into the fitting, it passes through the SharkBite release collar, which is recessed to prevent an accidental release. If you choose to disconnect the fitting to remove or re-adjust it, you may do so using a disconnect clip.

Grab Ring
The pipe then passes through the angled 316 stainless steel grab ring, which has teeth that are angled to allow pipe to push through but not pull out. This allows for a tool-free pipe insertion and a strong secure connection.

O-Ring and Protector
Next, the pipe is aligned with the SharkBite O-Ring protector. It then passes through an EPDM O-Ring that compresses between the pipe and the wall of the fitting before it reaches the tube stop.

Tube Stop
Once the pipe reaches the tube stop, a secure connection is made.

Tube Liner
The SharkBite Tube Liner helps keep the O-Ring sealed tightly on the outside of the tube. Tube Liners are an AS/NZS 3500 requirement when using Push-To-Connect fittings on PEX pipe. Tube liners are not required on copper fittings.

Each SharkBite fitting’s Dezincification Resistant Brass (DZR) body is strong, corrosion resistant and durable.

Shark Marking
On every SharkBite fitting, you’ll see an imprint of a shark on the outside. Make sure to look for the shark on each fitting to ensure you don’t have a FakeBite.

Why SharkBite Fitting Parts Matter

So why does any of this matter? The reliability of SharkBite products is what helps reduce customer callbacks and gives you confidence every time you make a SharkBite connection. We don’t take lightly your trust in our products, so we do everything we can to maintain a high level of quality control.

All SharkBite products have been carefully tested and certified for behind the wall and underground applications, and follow stringent quality control processes and advanced manufacturing procedures to guarantee product satisfaction.