Reliance Worldwide Corporation (RWC) Leads the Industry Transition to Lead Free Plumbing Fittings with the Launch of SharkBite Range

Reliance Worldwide Corporation (RWC), Australia’s largest plumbing manufacturer, proudly announces the transition of its renowned SharkBite range to lead free materials. The company has already commenced production of the new lead free fittings, with the initial roll-out expected as early as February 2024. The comprehensive transition of all products to lead free is anticipated to be completed well ahead of the industry’s lead free deadline in 2025, with the entire range expected to be available to the market by June 2024.

Nicole Sumich, EVP & President, Asia Pacific, highlighted RWC’s strategic approach, stating, “With a decade of proven success in manufacturing lead free products for the U.S. market, we are well-positioned to lead the transition of the Australian market. While there are associated costs, the enduring benefits in terms of improved product durability and eco-friendliness make this a superior solution for consumers and the industry alike. We take pride in leveraging our expertise to steer the industry towards a sustainable future.”

The SharkBite range, renowned for its innovation and quality, serves as the flagship product line in RWC’s transition to lead free materials. This shift is a proactive response to industry trends and a commitment to providing high-quality, sustainable products to the market.

RWC plans to keep the industry informed throughout this process, emphasising its dedication to transparency and collaboration. The company encourages stakeholders, including distributors, retailers, and consumers, to stay tuned for updates as they work through the range with these exciting lead free options.

This move represents a significant milestone in RWC’s ongoing commitment to product excellence, environmental responsibility, and industry leadership.

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