SharkBite® Starter Packs

SharkBite® Starter Packs

The SharkBite® Push-To-Connect Solution is a quick and reliable method of joining Copper Pipe and PEX Pipe in any combination, with no soldering, heavy or expensive tools and can be disconnected and reconnected as required.

Whether you’re a fresh faced apprentice or an experienced tradie, SharkBite® Starter Packs provide the essentials to get your job under way.

The “Starter Pack” includes only the tools and accessories used for joining Copper Pipe and PEX Pipe. This is perfect for a new apprentice who may already have access to SharkBite® plumbing fittings but requires their own installation tools.

SharkBite® Starter Packs are housed in a sturdy EXACTAPAK, which includes multiple stock wells to keep your product neat and tidy. Once you have ordered one or more of our prepared kits, you can add to and build your SharkBite® Pack to suit your needs.


SharkBite® Starter Pack

Disconnection Tongs


1 x DN15 Cu Only


1 x 16mm PEX Only


1 x 16mm PEX Only


1 x 20mm PEX Only

Disconnection Clips


2 x DN15 Cu Only


2 x 16mm PEX Only


2 x 20mm PEX and DN20 Cu

Tube Cutter


1 x 16mm to 25mm PEX Only

Copper Deburrer and Depth Gauge


1 x DN15, DN20, DN25 Deburrer and Gauge

SharkBite® Hard Case


Exacta-Pak and Fittings Instructions

* Fittings are sold separately


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