Championship, with Winton Raceway in rural Victoria the destination.

It’s been another frantic turn-around from Perth, with the truck only arriving back late last week before hitting the road again tonight.

Winton is a tight and tricky track. It’s three kilometres long with 12 corners, meaning there isn’t much rest for the boys behind the wheel.

There are a lot more 90 degree turns compared to Phillip Island and Perth, so this weekend presents another challenge.

Despite a few hiccups across the weekend, there were positives to take from Perth, with both drivers having good speed at different stages of the weekend.

This weekend is about consolidating that over all three days. Practice is important Friday, but a solid qualifying session each day will allow us to fully capitalise on our recent race pace.

Joining us for the first session of the weekend will be Jack Perkins and Warren Luff, as they jump behind the wheel for the co-driver session first up Friday morning.

As it’s a SuperSprint format this weekend, there will be a 120km race on Saturday, followed by a 200km race Sunday.

In typical Winton fashion, it’s going to be freezing overnight, but the days should clear up, and the rain should stay away.



“We showed in Perth we have definitely made some gains this year, so I can’t wait to get out there at Winton.

“As a driver you don’t get much of a break around there, there’s no really long straight to stop and catch your breath so your concentration levels have to be right up the whole time.

“It’ll be good to have Jack and Luffy behind the wheel for a session as well, those laps are crucial come enduro season.”



“We feel like we’ve turned a corner this year so we are all looking forward to going back to a place that we didn’t go so well at last year.

“It’s a place I enjoy, and have done a lot of laps around growing up, so it’ll be good to get back there.

“The only laps we have done this year were at the shakedown for my new car at the start of the year, but it’s a place we know well. It’ll be good to have Luffy back for a spin, and then get stuck in for the weekend.”