We’re back, and this time, it’s for points again.

After the only non-championship round of the year at the Australian Grand Prix, the circus has hopped on the boat, headed for Symmons Plains Raceway in Launceston.

After a tough start to the week at Albert Park, both drivers built some real momentum as the weekend went on, finishing off with James Courtney in P5 and Scott Pye in P7.

Now that needs to be taken to Tassie.

As James said in his post event wrap, they answered a lot of questions over the course of the weekend, and got a better understanding of the car and how it reacts.

Scott got reward for effort in the final race of the weekend. His top 5 car speed showed he is well and truly on his way to getting a good handle on the car. 

Symmons Plains is a unique track. It’s only 2.41kms long, so the lap times are regularly in the low 50 second barrier.

That means qualifying is going to be massively important. There isn’t going to be much separating the field, and there also isn’t going to be much clean air on a flyer, so timing it right could be the difference between a top 5 start and a bottom 5 start.

The turn-four hairpin is one of the most well-known corners in Australian motorsport. It requires near-on full lock to get around.

The top of the track slopes down to the apex, so it’s a great passing opportunity, but also the chance to hang around the outside and drag the inside car down the back straight.

It’s a critical corner to get right as it sets up the rest of the lap. You want to be quick out of there.

The race format this year is two qualifying sessions and two races. Saturday’s race is 50 laps, while Sunday’s is 84. 

The boys in the workshop did a fantastic job turning the cars around in a short period of time, ready to roll onto the boat last Saturday.

Fingers crossed for another strong showing this weekend.


From the bosses desk
Adrian Burgess

“We are really looking forward to Tassie; looking forward to racing for points again and to practice some of the lessons we learnt at the AGP.

“Although Tassie is a short lap with short corners it’s not an easy place to go to. You don’t have to be very far off the pace to be well down the grid.

“It’s really important that you’ve got a car that can turn, for the hairpin especially, but it’s also important that it brakes well and put its power down well.

Although it’s a small track, you need all the normal attributes in the car to put a good lap together, and a good weekend together.

“The car has improved from last year, but this is a massive test for us to see how much we have improved over the break, so we are looking forward to going racing.”


Symmons Plains Raceway

Track Length: 2.410kms

Direction: Anti-Clockwise

Average Speed: 167km/h

Top Speed: 270km/h