Ball Valves with Integral SharkBite Connections.

  • Eliminates the need for manual assembly.
  • New compact design.
  • Made from High Quality DZR Brass.
  • Listed to ATS5200.012 Watermark 219.04.

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BVF670 16mm OD x 16mm OD
BVF672 20mm OD x 20mm OD
BVF674 25mm OD x 25mm OD
BVF680 16mm OD x 15mm FI
BVF682 20mm OD x 20mm FI
BVF684 25mm OD x 25mm FI
BVRA670 15mm DN x 15mm DN
BVRA672 20mm DN x 20mm DN
BVRA680 16mm DN x 15mm FI
BVRA682 20mm DN x 20mm FI
BVRA682M 20mm OD x 20mm MI